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Featured Artist - Josh Marlar

Josh Marlar is an Artist, creature deviant, time traveler, and follower of the somewhat more darker side. His range of mediums are very open, currently focusing in sculpture, acrylic inks, marker, and ballpoint. He splices the worlds kingdom of creatures between his brain matter of Sci-Fi influences with a bitter dash of horror, creepy, and, when time permits, cute. Josh's time travel needs no time machine, it may not be that easy for him but visiting the past in art can be and experimentation sets its future. The fellow darker voids in life are filled with reruns of Alien, At the Gates, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Quake, and grilled cheeses.

The following series of monsters, aliens, and robots were spontaneous creations that spawned into a 50 card original art series to test my patience. The cards are hand cut, 140lb. watercolor paper. Each card displays my love for marker and ballpoint pen work. In the future, I have plans for these cards to become a highschool style, combined, 2 page, yearbook layout print.

For commissions or questions:
Email: josh@joshmarlar.com
Web: http://www.joshmarlar.com

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