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Custom Toy


Aves Apoxy sculpt, acrylics, Automotive clear coat.

Comes with 4 sets of interchangeable eyes.

Born in Idaho (the funny shaped one just east of Washington and Oregon) to a large family, Sam had his artistic side fostered from a young age. His Mother and Grandmother (his Father’s Mother) being extremely talented artists encouraged him to draw and paint constantly. At the age of 18 he fled the state everyone forgets in search of greener pastures. Somewhere around Wyoming he missed his turn and wound up in Texas by mistake. After realizing his error (a year later) he bounced around the west coast until finally settling in the land of plastic and sunshine, which (for now) he has decided suits him just fine.

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*Due to the special nature of these pieces, the colors and finishes may vary based on light sources. There are no returns or exchanges on show pieces.

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