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Wholesale Amuse Plush, Kawaii, Kendamas, and Art Supplies

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Authorized Amuse Distributor

Wholesale Authentic Amuse Plushes and other Kawaii

GUNNZO is an Authorized U.S. Distributor / Wholesaler for Amuse Plushes and products from Japan. Amuse makes irresistably cute plushes and other products, and first gained popularity in the United States with their popular line Alpacasso the alpaca, but now their other characters like Poteusa the Rabbit, the Mameshiba Brothers (a group of dog friends), Korohamu the hamster, Feneky the Fox, Wooly the Sheep, and TsuchiNeko the cat who likes to hide its legs, are also gaining a worldwide fan / collector base. These characters come in the form of plushes, pouches, keychains, wrist straps, backpacks, and pretty much anything else you can turn kawaii!

Authorized Amuse Distributor

Whatever it is, if it comes from Amuse you can bet it will be hard to not pick up and hug! Amuse products are perfect gifts, and convert customers into collectors, quickly selling out at conventions and events. In addition, we can collaborate with your brand and Amuse to develop an exclusive variation for your store/event or other need! Since we have a direct relationship with Amuse in Japan, and import new releases on a regular basis, you can be sure that you get the best deal for 100% authentic Amuse products.

Wholesale Kendamas

Interested in carrying Kendamas in your store(s)? Kendamas fit in great at sporting goods stores, disc golf shops, toy stores, and also work as a great item to carry in Pop-Up Shops and Kiosks. We carry Kendama lines such as JKA (Japanese Kendama Association) official Shin Fuji & Ozora, KROM, and more, all available in wholesale quantities.

Wholesale Art Supplies

Are you an artist that uses large amounts of vinyl paint? Do you want to carry vinyl paint in your store? GUNNZO offers our own line of vinyl paint called Mad Ape Ninja Vinyl Paint manufactured in Japan. Our paint is chemically formulated to bind to vinyl, so it is dry to the touch within minutes with amazing production quality. We also offer V-Color for wholesale!

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